Eco friendly exhibition designs

If we talk about eco friendly or green ways of execution of an exhibition, there are lot of ways to do that in trade show exhibits and other related things. Generally many exhibitors are not aware of these green options and choices available in the market. These options can definitely make a good impact on our surroundings and environment.

In your next trade show you can ask your exhibition design company to implement the eco friendly ways to execute your project. You can follow the ways listed below to reduce the waste and emissions and contribute to a green and healthy planet.

To reduce the wastage, you can opt for the exhibition material on rent. You can also try to refurbish and update the existing trade show displays rather than replacing them. You can try to paint and color the existing material or use graphics so that the existing material can be used again with a fresh look. You can also use a low petroleum product and other eco friendly materials. You can also use the packaging material like bubble wraps, card boards and padding to store your exhibition material so that it can be safe till your next exhibition.

Try to print the brochures, booklets and other marketing material in quantity that is not too extensive and can be consumed in your current trade show. In case you print a too large quantity of prints, they will be wasted and create ecological imbalance. You can try other options like DVDs or CDs that can be handed over to visitors rather than paper. You can also show more and more information about your services on LCD monitors rather than printed paper posters and banners.
Try to avoid paper gifts and paper bags rather you can opt for eco friendly gifts like cotton t-shirts or gift items made of bamboo sticks or plants or seedlings. You can also avoid gifts made of plastic and toxic material. You can try new type of non toxic plastic like material available in the market. You can contact your exhibition stall designer for this.

You can also take some steps in transportation and travel. You can rethink about your needs and just leave the things that are not mandatory. You can get the print work done at the destination so you can save shipping cost. Also your packing should be smart to take less space. You can also try for hotels and lodges with green beds, cleaning supplies, organic food and other Eco practices.


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