Tips about how to write a book?

If you want to write a book on a particular topic, you can just start writing and keep on going. Once you have written around 75,000 words you have written a book. You can sell your book to a major publisher. You can be a bestseller in a few days and make good money.

This is the procedure for writing a book generally but chances of becoming popular this way are very thin. Before starting a book you must know that what you are going to write. You must have knowledge of audience that what they are going to like and if at all there is an audience for your kind of book. This may sound awkward but you have to convince a publisher while selling your book to them. You can sell books online as well in soft copy if you do not get a publisher.

Mostly, new authors start their book by getting inspired by any other book. They don’t think that they are almost rewriting a book and there may not be audience for the book they are writing.

Generally there are two types of books – truth and lies that means nonfiction and fiction. Fiction ones are also called Novels. There are around hundred thousand books published each year only in English language. So you must know what type of book you are about to write. There are online books stores also where you can buy books online.

Let’s say you have read a Harry Potter novel and you are highly impressed with it. You also start writing a book and words come out of you pouring. You become enthusiastic and you write and write until your computer hard disk is full.

This is great but while you are writing the book you should ask yourself that where and on which shelf your book will be kept in a book store or online book store. If you are not sure you should visit a book store yourself. You will see your book right next to Harry Potter books so it’s not that you have to write a book, you have to think a lot before writing a book.

If you don’t think before writing a book, you may lose a lot of audience. So you can write a book and get it published if you know what you are writing and who will read that.


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