How to design a small exhibition stall

In actual sense the exhibition stall is a space where display objects are placed in order to attract the attentions of viewers and audience. Exhibition is also termed to be exhibits, expositions, trade shows, etc. in American English. Generally one particular item displayed is termed as an exhibit in UK English.

Generally small exhibition stall design companies in India provide two types of stalls that are called pop up displays and panel displays. The companies display the products and services they are offering in an exhibition stall. The exhibition stall displays come in various shapes, sizes, colors and styles and it depends on the kind of products that a company wants to display. The style and shapes also depend on the kind of area that company has booked.

If you have a small area of exhibition stall, you can draw the attention of crowd by displaying the products clearly and in an attractive way. The main question is how to make a small exhibition stall presentable so that you can get maximum foot fall. This can be done by handing over your project to expert stall designers in India and they will help you in getting best out of your space and budget.

An expert designer can help you to utilize even a small space and a low budget to get maximum benefit. The use of furniture is also very important in a small space and also the use of colors is also very important. If one uses good bright colors a small stall can also look bigger in size.

One can use standees and roll up banners for a small exhibition stall because this type of advertising material do not require big space but it adds to the beauty of the stall and can provide required information in small space. You can also use rotating banners where more than one slides can be shown in a small space.

If you want to find an expert exhibition stall design company, you can search a local search engine in the country you are going to attend the exhibition or you can also search for a company in your country that provides the exhibition services all over the world. In an exhibition or a trade show it does not matter much that how big your stall or booth is, more important is that how well you present the products and services. The visitors should be able to understand your offerings as they see your booth.


Eco friendly exhibition designs

If we talk about eco friendly or green ways of execution of an exhibition, there are lot of ways to do that in trade show exhibits and other related things. Generally many exhibitors are not aware of these green options and choices available in the market. These options can definitely make a good impact on our surroundings and environment.

In your next trade show you can ask your exhibition design company to implement the eco friendly ways to execute your project. You can follow the ways listed below to reduce the waste and emissions and contribute to a green and healthy planet.

To reduce the wastage, you can opt for the exhibition material on rent. You can also try to refurbish and update the existing trade show displays rather than replacing them. You can try to paint and color the existing material or use graphics so that the existing material can be used again with a fresh look. You can also use a low petroleum product and other eco friendly materials. You can also use the packaging material like bubble wraps, card boards and padding to store your exhibition material so that it can be safe till your next exhibition.

Try to print the brochures, booklets and other marketing material in quantity that is not too extensive and can be consumed in your current trade show. In case you print a too large quantity of prints, they will be wasted and create ecological imbalance. You can try other options like DVDs or CDs that can be handed over to visitors rather than paper. You can also show more and more information about your services on LCD monitors rather than printed paper posters and banners.
Try to avoid paper gifts and paper bags rather you can opt for eco friendly gifts like cotton t-shirts or gift items made of bamboo sticks or plants or seedlings. You can also avoid gifts made of plastic and toxic material. You can try new type of non toxic plastic like material available in the market. You can contact your exhibition stall designer for this.

You can also take some steps in transportation and travel. You can rethink about your needs and just leave the things that are not mandatory. You can get the print work done at the destination so you can save shipping cost. Also your packing should be smart to take less space. You can also try for hotels and lodges with green beds, cleaning supplies, organic food and other Eco practices.

All about International Exhibitions

The world today has become like a shrunken village due to better and enhanced means of communication. Geographically, even if you are located at a distance from your client, you can still reach them easily.

Basically this is the idea behind various worldwide exhibitions and trade shows to increase and enhance the collaboration and coordination between various business markets. Whether you are a manufacturer, a supplier of raw material you would always like an exposure to latest products and ideas in your industry that affect the country’s economy and hence affect your pocket.

The international exhibitions and trade shows are evolving as one of strong marketing tools in the business and industry. As a business owner you can offer your products to the global audience and can create a powerful brand in the international market. Even if you are already a big player in your industry or a new starter you cannot ignore the powerful impact of exhibiting in a trade show for your business. Any exhibition can be a very good chance to increase your business, make new clients, get idea about latest technology and much more. You can contact the exhibition booth design company to know more about any international event.

Taking part in an International exhibition can be a benefit from both the ends. You just have to contact one of known exhibition stall design companies and your job is done. You can create your brand name in the international market and on the other hand you can make yourself aware about the new happenings in the international arena which is of great importance. You can come across various options that can help you expand your business. You can find new suppliers that might be offering raw material at cheaper rates and also you can find new clients that are looking for your products or services.

While taking part in an exhibition, you can learn about latest trends and ideas for your business segment and you can create a fusion of your ideas with that and create something better. Taking part in an exhibition is not too much a problem these days, you can just hire international exhibition stall designers for that purpose and they will do the whole job for you.

You can build a strong brand image by taking part in an international event since media coverage is an important aspect. You can create better trade relations with clients and suppliers of that particular country so it is favorable for your business. This is the reason that even small businesses are also paying a lot of attention to international events and taking them seriously and investing in them.

When to start the exhibition stall design?

If you are exhibiting your products in an exhibition, it can be profitable if your exhibition stall is capable of attracting the visitors. An exhibition stall that can draw the eyeballs of the visitors and can professionally sends a message can be created with a proper design work. However the question arises that when one should start designing a stall.

If you are taking part in an exhibition for the first time, it is advisable to find an expert exhibition stall design company that can help with the designing and execution of the stall.

These types of exhibition stall designers have experience that what works and what not so it is worth hiring a company a few months before the event starts. This is because you can have ample of time for the modifications and changes required in the stall layout.

According to the surveys, finding a correct professional company for the exhibition stall designing can improve your success rate by at least 60 per cent. It is therefore good to find different exhibition firms in India and find out what kind of services they are offering. You can look out for their previous work portfolio and may be talk to their previous clients.

This process may also be time consuming but this is the most important factor that may effect your whole planning. Thus it is better to start this procedure by keeping lot of buffer time. Some firms design the exhibition stalls based on your specifications and requirements while the others have some ready made stuff and you can choose the best suitable for your stall.

Some will show the 3D models or mock ups or a fully animated computer generated walk through that can help you in deciding the best service provider for you. This process may also take some time as well because the design agency will redo the work in case there are any further changes required or you are unhappy with the designs.

Some exhibition stall agencies will help you with their feedback by giving you ideas that what will suit your requirements and what not. Hopefully you will be able to finalize one of the designs out of the variety.

Graphics are very important part of the stall as well and stall designers will help you in this as well by giving you inputs on what and where to display.

Exhibition Stands – Its better to buy or rent

Once you are planning to participate in an exhibition, there are lot of things that one has to consider. One of the most important thing is tools that are necessary to promnote your products so that they can stand out of the crowd. There will be companies and exhibitors from the same trade everywhere and all of them will try to create an atmosphere by displaying their products with flashing lights, banners, collaterals, etc. One has to decide that whether to buy the exhibition display units from exhibition design companies or take it on rent so that one can have advantage over the others.


If you decide to take the exhibition display systems on rent you will have to see whether that can be done by you and your team because generally the exhibition display systems are set up before you reach the exhibition hall by the exhibition stall designers and dismatled after you leave the place. In this case you dont have to worry about the expenses and time used for transportation.


In case you are hiring an exhibition display system it gives you an advantage that it will suit your stall layout as well. In case you are hiring a display system it will be a benefit to you because it may be possible if you have bought a system that may not suit the exhibition layout of your next time stall.


In some cases hiring can be cheaper that buying depending on the model you are looking to use. But in some cases it is better to buy, for instance a company that is dealing in pond accessories may always go for a blue coloe display pieces so it is possible that they will not change the color scheme with time so it is better to buy that.

In case you are launching a new product or new theme everytime then hiring is better option because your color theme is going to vary everytime. In that case if you buy a particular display stand that may not be used next time so it will be costly for you.
In case you have your own display stand you always know where they are and how easily you can take them along with you in an exhibition. You dont need to rely on any outer agency for your needs. It can be very frustrating for you to wait for any one else to arrange for a exhibition stand when you are at your stall in the exhibition venue.

What will be the cost of my exhibition stand?

The budget for an exhibition you are participating in is a major factor of concern and it is a major part of planning process. One should always consider in mind that there will be a major cost involved in designing and fabrication of exhibition stall. Generally, people do not understand that the cost of designing and fabrication may be more than the exhibition space.

The cost calculation of designing and construction is very important while planning for the exhibition. Generally the exhibition organizers provide a basic style of stall to everyone so you may not create a good brand impact on the visitors. To create a brand value you will require a custom designed stall. Your stall should reflect your company standards and the quality of services and products you provide.

There are costs involved in space, shell, display units, display materials, printing, advertising, electrical, transportation, allowances, meals, preparation and setup costs, etc. Also there will be the cost of staff wages including the overtime of staff.

So what may seem to you earlier the cost of an exhibition may come out to be five times of that cost. Apart from this you can also add the loss that you are facing while staff is not performing their normal office or field work while those days they are in the exhibition. This way you may loose the business also. These factors may also add to the exhibition cost.

Hence it is very mandatory to plan the exhibition. If you take part in exhibitions and trade shows regularly, you can hire dedicated staff for that so that your cost per exhibition is reduced. You can also search for an exhibition design company which provides cost effective design solutions and also search for a turnkey exhibition stall designers so that all your work related to the exhibition can be taken care by that agency. This includes transportation, food, staff, etc.

This way your exhibition participation will become cost effective. You can also tell your exhibition stall designers to create a system that can be reused in future exhibition rather than spending again. This way your exhibition expenses can be brought down.

There are a few solutions like magnetic pop up display stands available in market these days which can be carried along in a carry bag with you from one place to the other and can be setup in 30 minutes to a really impressive exhibition display stand. These kinds of product don’t cost too much and can be reused for as many times as you want.

Exhibition stalls – Lot of choices available

In the earlier days, very simple types of exhibition stalls were made. The exhibition stall designers used to create traditional structures with rods and pillars giving support on the floor but as the time is changing fast and new technology is entering deep into every industry, there has been lot of options available for you to choose from. There has been a big range of products and an array of options which can help you in presentation of your services and products in completely customized way.

Today, every company wants to be different from others and want to show an individual corporate identity so they want everything related with them to be totally customized and exhibitions have been a big brand building arena since many years and it has grown amazingly in last few years. So every organization wants their exhibition stand design company to create a master piece for them.

There is lot of options available for you but a lot depends on the size and budget of your exhibition. Your exhibition booth designers can help you in getting an exhibition stand of your taste but you will also have to work hard in that. These days there are lot of choices available like readymade folding display kits, pop up magnetic banners, modular displays, etc. in case you have a low budget and you do not want lot of customization.

A pop up display stand is ideal for you if you participate in lot of exhibitions abroad because you can carry along the whole stand in your carry case and it will take just half an hour and two guys to setup the whole stand. The magnetic pop up display stand has a very long life as well. Moreover it will cost you almost nothing.

Banner systems are also one of very good option that has emerged recently. You can hang these banners anywhere you feel like and they are very good for advertising and brand building.

Even though there are lot of choices available in the market but you have to choose the one that suits your requirement. In case you really want to create a huge brand, you have to opt for a custom made design from exhibition booth designers and get it executed from an experienced agency. You can customize your booth in the way it serves your purpose to participate in the exhibition.